Other tools

Polypane works really well with automatic reloading tools like Browsersync or hot module reloading.

Using Polypane with Browsersync

Polypane already syncs mouse events, scrolling and the location so it's recommended to turn those off in Browsersync via ghostMode or via the management UI. Polypane will show a popup warning about this once per session for every page that it detects browsersync on.

Polypane accepts a url as an argument when starting, like other browsers. This enables you to set it as your browser in Browsersync. By adding --browser 'polypane' (though depending on your operating system you might need to provide the full path), Browsersync will automatically start Polypane with the right URL. This also works with opn, webpack-dev-server and similar tools.

Gatsby and other development servers

Some development servers, like those of Gatsby and Next, have a limited number of connections they support. This limits how many panes you can use with them, but we hope this will be resolved in future updates to these servers.

General SPA support

Polypane supports the history api so it works great out of the box with SPA routers that work without full page reloads.

Other tools

Other tools known to work well with Polypane are Ghostlab and Bootstrap Studio. If you know more tools that work well with Polypane, let us know!

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