A screenshot of Polypane A screenshot of Polypane with the developer tools open
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Improve your workflow with Polypane

The only responsive design tool you need to develop perfect responsive websites.

Test your site on all sizes at once

View your site in multiple panes. Get a full overview of your site in a single app.

Stop resizing your browser

Develop on multiple device sizes or generate panes directly from breakpoints.

Full devtools support

Based on Chromium and includes powerful developer tools.

One-click screenshots

Generate a screenshot with a full overview of your site at all sizes and share it with anyone.

Get focus

Quickly resize and stress-test your responsive design with focus mode.

All panes in sync

Scrolling and mouse interactions are shared between panes. Develop once for all sizes.

Easily one of the most useful tools for modern web designers and developers.
Stephen Hay Author of Responsive Design Workflow