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A browser that makes you faster & better

Your favorite text editor and design software help you get work done. So should your browser.

View your site at all sizes

Stop resizing your browser. Use Polypane to see all the viewports for your site in a single overview. Choose from popular device sizes, your CSS breakpoints or resize panes manually.

Sync all your actions

Scrolling, clicks, navigation and hover styles are automatically synced between all panes. Easily verify that your site works as intended on all viewports.

Detect breakpoints. Automatically

Polypane creates panes from the breakpoints in your CSS Media Queries. With one click you get a full overview of your CSS breakpoint styles.

One-click screenshots

Generate a full overview screenshot with a single click. See your your site at all screen sizes and share it with anyone.

Powerful devtools

Layout debugging, CSS stress-testing & powerful devtools with your favorite devtools extensions. Polypane has all the tools you need to create modern websites and apps.

Did we mention it works great with hot reloading tools?

Focus mode

Use focus mode to work on a website with a single view center stage. Resizing simply by dragging or the quick switcher. Test different sizes or zoom out to show a 4K screen on your laptop.

And we're just getting started

Built-in accessibility tools, Dark mode, Site audits, Automatic reloading and much more features are in the works. We can't wait to show you what a browser to create the web can truly do.

Improve your workflow by having a complete overview of your site or app.

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Or read Why you need a development browser.

What people are saying about Polypane

Designers should confront themselves with the reality of different viewports as early and often as possible. Polypane encourages this behaviour, and makes it easy to do. It's easily one of the most useful tools for modern web designers and developers.

Stephen HayAuthor of Responsive Design Workflow

Polypane are building a smart design environment where you can preview your designs across a multitude of browsers, devices and viewports. Another example of a workflow which considers the full context of the target medium.

Colm TuiteCreator of Modulz

If you’re developing a website, Polypane comes in quite handy. Test multiple viewports at the same time, no more browser window resizing, and keep all panes in sync when scrolling in one view. In beta, but already an essential tool.

Roy van RooijenDesign Tools Network

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