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For agencies, solo developers, UI/UX designers and QA engineers

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Screenshot of the Polypane application
Screenshot of the Polypane application

Creating high-quality websites is a lot of work

Your favorite code editor and design software help you get work done. So should your browser.

With a development browser

A browser that increases your productivity and the quality of your output, with features that help you develop higher quality websites faster than ever before.

Benefits for you

Discovering Polypane was a game-changer to how I develop responsive websites. Being able to see how my site looks at multiple breakpoints offers a completely different perspective to my workflow. I couldn't imagine going back to using the Chrome inspector.

Why switch if Chrome works fine?

Chrome and its devtools are great, but it's built for browsing Facebook and liking cat videos. It's not optimized for you and the work you do.

Polypane is based on Chromium so the devtools and extensions are still there, but you also see your site at all its sizes and can interact with them all at the same time.

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Build high quality websites in half the time

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On Mac, Windows & Linux

Increase your productivity & quality of output

Benefit from a browser tailor-made for you

View your site at all sizes

Popular devices, your CSS breakpoints or just resize panes manually, Polypane shows you all the viewports you want to see. So stop resizing your browser!

Sync all your actions

Scrolling, clicks, page naviation, hover styles and forms are automatically synced between all panes. It's like you're interacting with a single website.

Detect CSS breakpoints. Automatically

Polypane creates panes from the breakpoints in your CSS Media Queries. With one click you get a full overview of your CSS breakpoint styles.

Live reloading built in

You'll never have to refresh a page again with Polypane's built-in reloading. Your page will automatically refresh whenever you change a file. CSS and images are updated in-place without a refresh, like magic.

One-click full page screenshots

Generate a screenshot for a single pane, for an entire page or get a full overview of all your panes. Whichever you need, it takes a single click in Polypane.

Powerful devtools

Layout debugging, CSS stress-testing & powerful Chromium devtools with your favorite devtools extensions like the React or Vue devtools. Polypane has all the tools you need to create modern websites and apps.

Focus mode

Use focus mode to work on a website with a single view center stage. Resizing simply by dragging or the quick switcher. Test different sizes or zoom out to show a 4K screen on your laptop.

That's not all

Global zooming, layout debugging and stress testing, smart and freeform pane resizing, custom device presets, Clean UI mode and more.

Perfect for agencies, solo developers, UI/UX designers and QA engineers.

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Designers should confront themselves with the reality of different viewports as early and often as possible. Polypane encourages this behaviour, and makes it easy to do. It's easily one of the most useful tools for modern web designers and developers.

Stephen HayAuthor of Responsive Design Workflow

Polypane are building a smart design environment where you can preview your designs across a multitude of browsers, devices and viewports. Another example of a workflow which considers the full context of the target medium.

Colm TuiteCreator of Modulz

If you’re developing a website, Polypane comes in quite handy. Test multiple viewports at the same time, no more browser window resizing, and keep all panes in sync when scrolling in one view. In beta, but already an essential tool.

Roy van RooijenDesign Tools Network

Build high quality websites in half the time

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